Unleashing the power of the newly unveiled Conquest Mode, we teamed up with Second Dinner to bring you CONQUERORS—the inaugural MARVEL SNAP community event. This epic 4-hour live stream showcased over 20 of the MARVEL SNAP universe's greatest content creators. Our mission covered everything from concept creation, production, visual identity, set design, to broadcast coordination, exclusive content, social media campaigns, and much more.

Check it out here.

CONQUERORS' visual identity is forged to embrace  ANY  theme. A fixed foundational structure, customizable color palette, and an adaptable tagline system ensure that every iteration is instantly recognizable as CONQUERORS while staying true to individual themes.

Be it seasonal twists, iconic comics, legendary characters, or universal events like the World Cup or Wolverine's birthday bash—ANYTHING is possible. Our design effortlessly melds with any chosen theme, maintaining both scalability and customization, all while staying aligned with the core CONQUERORS' aesthetic.

To uphold the graphical integrity and provide a compass for future CONQUERORS editions, we crafted extensive Brand Guidelines, supported by a collection of complementary assets.

For our debut edition in July 2023, the stage was set with the Phoenix Force and X-Men. A Key Visual drew inspiration from the fiery hues of the 90's mutants, igniting the Phoenix Force theme across social media, broadcast visuals, set designs, and more.

Each content creator's channel resonated with the power of MARVEL SNAP CONQUERORS branding, thanks to customized overlays that honored their unique layouts while unifying the event's visual experience.

CONQUERORS wasn't just about the competition... It was an entire experience. We curated a series of captivating content to entertain fans before, during, and after the event.

CONQUERORS exploded into the community, leaving a trail of positive reactions and widespread praise.

The first MARVEL SNAP CONQUERORS was nothing short of historic. It opened the portal to an infinite multiverse, embodying the spirit of MARVEL SNAP that unites all heroes and villains, adapts, evolves, and above all, is infused with endless fun and excitement.